Easymedsdirect.com Review – Unreliable Medication Reseller Is Taken Down

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In the ever-growing line of internet pharmacies that have since been taken down for one reason or the other, Easymedsdirect.com is the newest addition. This was one of the go-to places or users in the past which has gone off the web all of a sudden. What makes this vendor special is that it is used to require from every buyer to create an account to enable them to enjoy the full benefits of the website. Back then, there were even some nice incentives (as nice as 80% off the orders) for a customer who opens an account on Easymedsdirect.com.

However, one of the major things I noticed was missing on Easy Meds Direct is an About Us Page. This drastically reduced the kind of information one could get about them. Without as much as a website copyright tag instead, it would be impossible to determine just how long the vendor has been in the business for. This problem further extends to the location of the vendor which is not given on the website. For a professional internet pharmacy, these should not be missing links at all.

There was no way to know the kinds of pills sold on this pharmacy, and how much they sold for on the average. Since it was required that a customer logs in to their account first to see what they can get, and now that the vendor is taken down, there was no other way around it. However, it can be determined that they did sell the prescription medicine alongside non-prescription pills. What is unknown is if there is a strict policy in place to ensure that buyers don’t get prescription drugs without a valid leaflet from their doctor.

The lack of information about this vendor extends to the unavailability of info as regards the status of FDA approval of all of the medicine sold. This snowball effect of information lack rolls into the shipping methods, the delivery time of products and just how much each shipping method they must have had cost.

Fortunately, I was able to make out that the internet pharmacy (or what is left of it) did not have a livechat tab back in its days. Getting in touch with the customer care agents was largely reliant on the use of toll-free numbers and the generic email form. Asides this, the customer is sitting ducks.

On the list of missing information, the refund policy (or lack thereof) that this internet vendor might have had I nowhere to be found. Not that this would be beneficial to anyone at this point again though. The e-shop has been closed.

Easymedsdirect.com Reviews

Both on the website and other independent review websites, there was no comment to be found about Easymedsdirect.com. This is unexpected of a business that, from the looks of things, spent a couple of years on the internet.

Even if they had not been able to work a testimonials page on their own website, they should at least have some comments dropped about them on other websites. This shows all the making of an untrustworthy business.

Easymedsdirect.com Reviews 2016

Easymedsdirect.com Trust Rating
Easymedsdirect.com Trust Rating

Scamner.com and ScamAdviser.com gave comprehensive analyses of the internet pharmacy, and none came out good. From the former website, this internet vendor was branded with just 4% score on both trust and popularity. After that, it was suggested that browsing and buying on Easymedsdirect.com were bad for the users. Good thing none of those is possible anymore.

Easymedsdirect.com Safety Information
Easymedsdirect.com Safety Information

Scam Adviser’s 10% safety rating says it all. This is after the same website had certified Easymedsdirect.com as being unsafe for use, and corroborated the low trust rating as suggested by Scamner. Lastly, it came out that the online pharmacy which hid its true location has an unknown popularity level on the internet.

Easymedsdirect.com Coupon Codes

Like I have earlier mentioned, the vendor does promise a lot of coupon codes and offers for the customers that sign up. The first of them is the 80% savings option on the prices of medicine should a buyer just sign up for the service. This is improved by the 25% discount on orders which are paid for by the use of online checks. Even though the latter is referred to as a limited time offer, it has been stuck on the website for a very long time before its eventual demise.

Easymedsdirect.com Discount Offer
Easymedsdirect.com Discount Offer


Even if I might have wanted to see something good of this vendor, knowing that the business is now off the web is enough to make me draw a conclusion. Giving it the benefit of the doubt didn’t do much as it resulted in the bad run on independent analysis websites, poor safety scores and no user comments whatsoever.

Left to me, easymedsdirect.com should be rated 1 of 5 stars, and I wouldn’t even risk myself and order from them.