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DrugsGear.com is not your everyday internet pharmacy. This e-pharmacy has not been in the business for too long, but they have managed to stick to a niche for that long. Based in the United States, this vendor who claims not to have a minimum order policy in place have just been in the business since the year 2015. Still in the scene till now, they have spent their two years being a main offeror of steroids.

This does not mean that the internet pharmacy doesn’t sell any other kinds of medicine. From the categories list, it cannot be missed that Drugs Gear also has antibiotics, diabetes, diuretics, fat loss and sexual health medicine list. This is just to mention but a few of the exhaustive list in tow. What makes them endearing is the fact that they allow the customer choose what brand they would like to buy from.

It didn’t take me long to see that they weren’t so big on ED pills as much as they would go all out for steroid medicine. The Viagra options on the website, although limited, retails for $55 on a 10-pill pack. Cialis doesn’t escape the same fate, selling for $80 on a 4-pill pack. It doesn’t feel like these are prices for generics. They might just be the brand offerings that the pharmacy has in stock.

Even though they promise to be a trusted online supplier from the US, they managed to conveniently leave out the FDA status of the medicine that they sell. This is not acceptable behavior, and their few years in the business is not even a good enough excuse for such omissions. With a page specially dedicated to the payment options on the website, it is surprising to find out that credit cards are not in favor. An interested customer can, however, pay via either of Bitcoins, MoneyGram or the Western Union. As soon as the payment is received, the order is processed and goods sent out on shipping.

The business is dedicated to service in the US markets only. That explains why the shipping methods are only limited to the domestic market. For a customer that opts to get their package via Priority Mail Shipping, they would have to wait for 2 – 5 business days while paying $15. However, there is a faster option when one wanted to get their goods in just 1 – 2 business days. Note that this kind of Express Shipping would cost the customer $50 instead.

Getting in touch with the customer care agent was provided for, but it was not going to be via live chat. There are various email addresses advertised by the vendor for various reasons. Not even a toll-free number was provided for customers to call in when they couldn’t wait for the usually long email response time. One other piece of information that the vendor was short of is that of its Refund Policy. While there might be one, or not, there is no way I am ever going to find out now that they have decided to leave that off.

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DrugsGear.com has some customer reviews left about it, and they are nothing short of stunning. One of such reviewers is At Lee who was able to make his service and order on the website ‘very simply and very quickly.’ More important is the fact that he got his order ‘3 days later.’

Drugsgear.com Feedback

Lee went on to praise the quality of the meds being sold on this platform, since his steroids started to work almost immediately. In summary, Lee would always ‘recommend this supplier.’ Being an independent customer review, I think I have seen something worthy to make a verdict of this vendor.

Drugsgear.com Reviews 2016

Drugs Gear finds, surprisingly, some good deal of favor with Scam Adviser. On this review platform, the internet pharmacy was given a very high trust rating.

Drugsgear.com Trust Rating
Drugsgear.com Trust Rating

Even though the popularity among online users is not known, that doesn’t stop the vendor from being rated 93% on safety. The good run is round off by the vendor’s verdict of the platform being safe for use.

Drugsgear.com is a Rogue Pharmacy
Drugsgear.com is a Rogue Pharmacy

LegitScript.com doesn’t seem to follow the same school of thought. This review website instead thinks that the vendor is nothing more than a Rogue pharmacy. It can be understood that DrugsGear.com might not have all of the established practices of this reviewer in order, leading to such a scathing remark.

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Drugsgear.com is a Rogue Pharmacy
Drugsgear.com is a Rogue Pharmacy

Talking of coupon codes and discount offers, there weren’t really much in the way of discount offers and coupon codes on the website. What there was, however, is some time-to-time special savings options which they offered on medicine. The basis of this is not really known, but such terms and conditions must have been made clear to the regulars of this online pharmacy.


Drugs Gear started off on the right foot, and even though it ran into some pits along the line, managed to stay on track. There are a lot of things to like about this business, and it has just been around for a couple of years. The only red flags were the absence of an FDA approval claim. However, it makes up for that in good user comments, great ratings and decent status it maintained throughout.

If I would ever need some steroids, or one of the other options that this vendor offers, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them. On a scale of 1 – 5, I would rate this internet pharmacy a 5.