Review – Changed Online Pharmacy with Reasonable Prices Main Page was one of those internet vendors that offered pills to customers, and at very low prices too. During the existence of this domain, they used to sell both brand and generic pills to their customers. However, they have now been taken off the internet, although not totally. A quick search for the domain now would lead to a redirection to another online pharmacy –

According to the information on the website, the domain is said to have been registered with the Pharmacy Mall parent tag name since the year 1997. Even though they must have changed the name of the business for quite some time since then, nearly twenty years of experience is a good thing on their resume. From the MIPA and CIPA certifications on this vendor, it needed no further research to tell that they are a business with headquarters in Canada.

There is rarely anything a user would need which would not be found on this website. There is the place for some allergies medicine, antibiotics, asthma, birth control and cholesterol lowering pills. This is just to mention but a few. On the landing page of the website is a lot of erectile dysfunction pills being touted as the best-sellers. This, no doubt, makes the ED pills the main assortment on the vendor’s list.

It doesn’t take much digging to find out that the average price for the generic Viagra from this vendor is set at $0.27, while both of Cialis and Levitra retails for just $0.68 and $1.00 respectively. On all of the generics offered by this vendor, information on the website provides that they have all been certified by the FDA. No need to pry into the brand medicine as they must have gone through such certifications from their respective brand pharmacies. One of the practices on the website that might not be acceptable is that they take orders without the need for a prescription, in all cases.

Payment is offered on orders placed via credit card options. VISA and MasterCard are the only supported issuers whose cards would be taken for payments. If the order is not shipped via the Regular Airmail service (which costs just $9.95), it will go out to the customer on an EMS option instead. While the latter would set the customer back some $19.95 and take about 3 – 8 days for the products to arrive, the former option puts the customer in for a waiting period of 2 -3 weeks.

There is no support for a live chat on the website, leaving the only modes of customer support and contact to be the generic email form. For those that can’t wait for the response time on the email option, they are allowed to call the toll-free numbers instead. To finish this bout, there is a ‘no return policy’ offered by the website. What there is, however, is a refund policy for customers who didn’t get their orders, or got damaged products on delivery. Reviews

It is surely not easy to please everyone, and did get into the bad books with one customer. Going by the name of Julie Hink, this client who left their review on complained about the internet vendor not being ‘customer oriented,’ so much that she is ‘very unhappy with [her] experience.’ Feedback

The bone of contention here is an order which the aforementioned client placed, and the internet vendor would not just fill it. What hurt the reviewer so much has to be the unprofessional manner in which the matter was handled. Reviews 2016

Since the business has been moved to another domain, it is understandable that why only manage to get an 0% score on both trust and popularity. Safety Level Safety Level

The website was blacklisted as not having an SSL certificate, has just been registered (under the new name) and does not have a lot of years on the net yet. Trust Rating Trust Rating

ScamAdviser goes all out to profess that the website has a low trust rating, corroborating the story from above. Going on, the determination that the website might be unsafe for use is backed up by claims of business operating out of a hidden location. Coupon Codes

Having moved domains, the internet vendor lost all of its own identity, even so much as the coupon codes and discount offers which could have existed on it back in the days of its operation. Not that this would have mattered now though.


I have never been a fan of businesses that just up and leave, but it seems that is not the case here. While still exists on the internet (but under a different name), that doesn’t erase the history that it was coming with.

Independent user reviews didn’t do this vendor any good at all, and analysis from ScamAdviser and Scamner put a final nail in the coffin. For the great prices that they have, and the fact that they have been in the business for long, the vendor does get 3 out of 5 rating.

Buying from this vendor could be a risky venture, but it could be worth it too. For that reason, I would start very small should I want to begin buying from its pharmacy.