Review: Possible Replacements for this Closed Shop! used to be in business sometimes back but has shut down its website for some unspecified reasons. Maybe there was a fear of legal ramifications that forced it do so voluntarily or it evolved by another name, at least these are some of the speculations one can safely make. This was what you could see when went down. Right now, the domain offers a redirect to another affiliate site with a copy-cat home page but a different domain name, Main Page

Yet another possibility is that fell prey to the war between generic medicine sellers and pharmacological giants. Of course, these giants are profit hungry and would go to all lengths to protect their interests. Their complaints and rants to authorities and their subsequent actions often scare online dealers of generic medicines and lead to their forced or voluntary shut down. Or sometimes, these alternative medicine sources fail to maintain their service quality and eventually lose out. Reviews

When was operational, it was providing consumers generic medicines as well as a few brand names. One could have found here drugs for treating allergies, fungal and viral infections, cholesterol, diabetes, erectile dysfunction as well as cancer. Data suggested that was fairly new in the game. Feedback

Some digging around led to only one candid review related to from an actual buyer called Galaxy on the esteemed UK Muscle forum. It suggested that the medicines stocked by were good and it was a “ligit” [legit] online medicine store. There might have been other reviews covering some possible negative aspect related to but they are erased now. However, Scam Advisor reported that might have been an unsafe site, as it was working from Seychelles while giving the impression of being based in the USA. So it was probably unsafe, possessed a rogue status, and had a reported malware on its site. Trust Rating Trust Rating Alternatives

Legit or unsafe, is no more to be found. It may have taken this move to protect itself from legal prosecution. It’s not clear but we are left with the task of finding a substitute that delivers generic medicines of good quality. Not all online vendors can be trusted for this purpose. They claim one thing but do another. Still, there are those who carry legitimate drugs and deal with their customers in a transparent manner. Is it easy to find them? Not really, as there are literally hundreds of online distributors of generic medicines: some good, some average, others total scam. However, we have made this task easier for you by reviewing hundreds of these online vendors and highlighting the most reputable, verified and trustworthy ones among them. From range of medicines, their FDA status, buying to shipping costs, payment methods to a refund policy or the lack of it, we have figured everything out for you. We have backed our results with actual users’ candid assessments and safety scores. We are confident that our list will help you save money and spare you from lots of headaches.