Cheap Rx Review – A Pharmacy Network Trusted by Millions of Customers

Cheap Rx is one of the earliest pharmacy networks to be established. This pharmacy network was established back in 1997. Back then, not many online drug stores were operating. Also, very few people entertained the idea of sourcing their meds from a foreign country via the web. However, this pharmacy network started gaining people’s interest and trust by offering high-quality services and cheap medications. To date, this pharmacy network enjoys over a million customers. This is a product of their hard work which they are still offering to their customers.

Due to the fame that Cheap RX network pharmacies enjoy, scammers are using this as an opportunity to rip off people. They know that the Cheap RX websites receive thousands of customers. They have therefore created websites that have the same look as the ones that operate under the Cheap RX network. They use different domain address to get people to these sites. When you are using the sites, you will be thinking that you are dealing with a genuine pharmacy. There is a solution to this though. The solution is to avoid websites that you are not sure of. Make sure that you only buy from websites that have domain addresses you are sure of.

Cheap RX Reviews

Determining whether a pharmacy network is real or fake involves looking at several factors. One of the most basic factors you should observe is the reviews. These contain the honest opinion from genuine people who have already dealt with the stores in the network. Here are some reviews for the Cheap RX stores:

Cheap RX User Comments
Cheap RX User Comments

Jacob placed his order while in France. The customer service was awesome and really fast for him. The website failed to process his order. He used his phone to call the support department. He was helped with his order. He paid for regular shipping. However, his meds arrived sooner than he had thought the regular shipping would take.

After dealing with the Cheap RX company, Alex reports that he likes it. They kept him informed about his order progress. The meds were sent without delays. The package he received contained a great selection. Mark has placed his orders two times when in France. The packages always took 10 days to arrive. He did not have to waste his time dealing with the customs. The quality of the products he received was top-notch.

Cheap RX Online

For people who rely on search engines to locate online pharmacies to use, you won’t locate Cheap RX pharmacy network websites this way. The websites are not optimized to appear in the search results. Furthermore, the majority of scammers are leveraging the search engines to steal from you. Therefore, the best thing you can do is distrust all the sites that you find in the search engines even if they have the following look for the Cheap RX pharmacies:

Cheap RX Main Page
Cheap RX Main Page

An online pharmacy network that operates internationally should give its customers a way to use it even if they don’t understand the English language. This is what Cheap RX network does. The websites have a language functionality that allows the users to choose between languages. The languages featured here include English, Deutsch, French, Italian, and Española. Not all countries use the US dollar as their currency. This is why the Cheap RX websites offer their users a chance to switch between currencies too. You will have the ability choose the currencies to use from the 16 currencies present.

Payments are handled securely. You will have to pay using a 256-bit encrypted server. Your data get’s encrypted and hence providing hackers with a 0% chance of stealing it. The payment method used is the credit card. You will, therefore, have a chance to dispute your charges if you think that you are dealing with a fake pharmacy. If you find an online pharmacy that looks like the Cheap RX websites but asks you to pay using any other method except credit cards, you will need to avoid that site. It is a scam site. Almost everyone will get his or her prescription and over the counter meds at Cheap RX. The store network has hundreds of products in the catalog.

Cheap RX Coupons

We searched online and we were able to find two coupons. These are as indicated below:

Cheap RX Coupons
Cheap RX Coupons

These coupons will allow you to get 10% off the total medication price eliminated from the money you have to pay. The coupons are valid for a very long time. They will both expire on 31st December 2019. Other offers include the free shipping when your medications are worth more than 200 dollars. Also, with every order, you will get some additional pills for free.

Cheap RX Phone Numbers

The overly responsive Cheap RX customer support department replaces the live chat option available in the majority of modern online pharmacies. You will send your email using the contact form available on the Cheap RX websites contact page and you will get a response almost immediately. If you prefer talking to someone on the phone, you can call using either +4420-3239-7092 or +1-718-487-9792.

Cheap RX Spam and Phone Calls

If someone had been spam-called by the Cheap RX pharmacies, there would be a record about it available online. This is not the case. There are no complaints about scammers claiming to work for the Cheap RX pharmacy network calling people. All the comments available are praising the pharmacy network for doing a great job of delivering real meds on time.


We don’t recommend a pharmacy network if we are not sure that it has all the qualities a great pharmacy network should have. We don’t give a pharmacy network a good rating if it does not deserve the great rating. For the case of the Cheap RX network, we rate it 5-star. This is because the network has been offering their services for over 20 years and all they have got are positive comments indicating how good they are at doing their job.