Review – Go Ahead and Give This Excellent Shop a Try! is an online drug shops providing medicines at a cheaper cost compared to local drugstores. The store has been in business since 1997. There is a grayed area in the footer where the name of Canadian Pharmacy is seen as well as a couple of seals that suggest that the online store has a Canadian affiliation with the renowned agencies like CIPA and MIPA.

When you have a look at the categories of medicines available at, you can find Allergy medicines, Anti-Fungals and Anti-Virals, Anxiety and Depression care medicines, Birth Control products, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure control and Heart disease medicines, Skincare and Weight Loss medicines, drugs to treat sleep issues, and those that aid in quitting smoking. Herbals are in a separate category. So are Pain Relief and Arthritis treatment medicines. You can also find medicines that are related to male and female health in separate categories. Erectile Dysfunction is the topmost category and most ED drugs have also been featured on the homepage. Since this is what I was interested in, I decided to check out this section.

There is the Pfizer Viagra (100 mg) stocked as well as its generic. 4 brand tablets are priced at $36.55, whereas 10 generic Viagra tablets are available for $36.10. I could also see Cialis (Lily) here, which cost 10.07 (4 tablets of 20 mg). But the generic equal of Cialis is much cheaper and costs $35.38 (10 tablets of 20 mg). The FAQ section elaborates that the generic medicines found here have FDA endorsement.

I wanted to know what are the acceptable payment methods as well as the delivery means and their costs at The FAQ section also helped me determine all this: Currently, Airmail delivery is one method that costs $9.95 and ensures delivery in 2-3 weeks. The other method is EMS delivery, the expected time for which is 3-8 days, subject to customs clearance. You can expect to pay $19.95 for this method.

If you need some clarity as a prospective customer or want to resolve a difficulty with your existing order, then store advises to either call on +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092 or send an email to it through a form given on the site.

Although entertains reshipping requests in case of damaged medicines, it doesn’t allow refunds, as per international guidelines. Reviews

I also hoped to read some customer testimonials related to so I could get an impartial review of its medicines and service quality. I was able to find customer reviews for the store, like the ones below: Consumer Reports Consumer Reports

Jessica, an Australian buyer, was brief and said that was offering “good prices” for the medicine she needed. David, a German buyer, blissfully declares that the ED pills he got from here arrived on time and they worked “great” too. They allowed him and his wife to be more adventurous in bed. A Deutschland buyer with the name Michael says that he has become across numerous online pharmacies but has found to be “great” due to the “best price” and “great quality” of products. He recommends everyone to stick with this store only. Reviews 2017

Besides the previous reviews accessible on the web for Cheap Rx, the store also had more recent testimonials from its buyers. Like the former comments, the shop’s buyers thanked the store for being consistent with its good service and low prices. Buyers were also thankful for the freebie pills shipped along with every purchase. Consumer Reports 2017 Consumer Reports 2017 Coupon Codes

For discount scavengers, have some alluring offers: free delivery on orders exceeding $200 and free pills of generic Viagra or Cialis with each order. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

Apart from these, the shop is also giving vouchers and special discounts to clients during holidays and special occasions.


Online pharmacy purchases are often challenging, but stores like Cheap Rx are helping customers experience hassle-free purchases for their medications. Local pharmacies often berate buyers with expensive medications, but stores like Cheap Rx rescue clients from exorbitant product prices. All in all, the store Cheap Rx merits a good score of 5 out of 5 because of its wide variety of available products with good prices and also because the store has excellent reviews for its service.