Cheap Pills Review: The Online Pharmacy Chain Endorsed by Customers

Cheap Pills is an online pharmacy that offers prescription and nonprescription medicines. It is a Canadian based internet store yet most of their medicines are from outside Canada. They partnered with Canadian and Indian pharmaceutical companies in order to get their medicines for the lowest price possible. With a direct partnership, Cheap Pills has eliminated the need for an intermediary that causes prices to soar high.

For its prescription medicines, Cheap Pills no longer require its patients or customers to submit a prescription when ordering Rx drugs. Cheap Pills believe and respect the wish of their clients for privacy. Some people like those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction avoid seeing a doctor because they are ashamed of their condition. Erectile dysfunction medicines are Rx medicines. To fix this problem, Cheap Pills has provided all necessary information on their page in case someone wants to take an ED drug avoids. Information such as possible side effects, proper dosage, how to take it, proper storage, and contraindications can be found for every medicine they sell, even for over the counter drugs. Despite its relax law on Rx medicines, Cheap Pills still encourages its customers to talk to a doctor first before taking any medicine for a safer and more effective medication.

Cheap Pills Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, Cheap Pills is not short of that. They have a lot of reviews and a few clicks on the internet provided us with plenty of positive Cheap Pills customer reviews.

Cheap Pills Reviews
Cheap Pills Reviews

We picked four customer reviews for Cheap Pills. One from the UK, one from Andorra, another from Spain and the last one from France.

According to Smith S of United Kingdom, he had a great experience with Cheap Pills. Then Dorothy of Andorra shared that the service she received from the support team of Cheap Pills was excellent. Dorothy had some questions and everything was answered satisfactorily. She also loves the price of their products.

For Samuel of France, the fast delivery of his order made him realize that this online pharmacy is the real thing. Samuel said that he was given a blow-by-blow account of his order’s whereabouts during the delivery period. Samuel has become a regular customer because of the great experience he had with Cheap Pills.

The last customer story we found was shared by Sarah. Sarah’s experience was no different from what Samuel, Dorothy, and Smith shared. Sarah also had a great experience with the support team. She also mentioned the speedy delivery and was glad that Cheap Pills happened.

With very positive reviews such as these, it is no wonder that Cheap Pills has a million satisfied customers.

Cheap Pills Online

If you are looking for a generic medicine because you want to save a few dollars, you should check-out Cheap Pills. Regardless if you are looking for an OTC or an Rx medicine, you can easily get it from Cheap Pills.

Ordering from Cheap Pills is easy. Even if you don’t create an account, you can still process your order with them. All you need is your credit card information, the name of the drug you need and your shipping address. All orders can be paid with a credit card. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Once your bank approved your transaction, Cheap Pills will process your order, send it to the warehouse for packing and to the courier team for delivery.

Cheap Pills Site
Cheap Pills Site

A lot of medicines are being offered by Cheap Pills. They offer medications for erectile dysfunction, fungal infection, viral infection, allergies, high blood pressure, high sugar level, depression, anxiety, and arthritis. They also offer weight loss and hair loss pills as well as sleeping pills. Majority of the medicines offered by Cheap Pills are from India and are Indian FDA approved. Medicines that are from Canada, the US, and other parts of the country are FDA approved and are safe to use.

Cheap Pills Coupon Codes

The cheapest generic Viagra that you can find online is from Cheap Pill. All online pharmacies under the network where Cheap Pills is included offer generic Viagra at the same rate. They offer it for $0.27 per tablet. Viagra is not the only medicine they offer at a very affordable price; all drugs under this network online pharmacy are affordable. This is the reason why Cheap Pills does not offer coupon codes. They don’t see the need to offer one anymore.

Cheap Pills Phone Numbers

The number to dial to reach a Cheap Pills representative is 4420 3239 7092 and 718 487 9792. If these numbers are not available or you don’t have the ability to call, you can also shoot them a message via their ‘contact us’ page. For their contact us page, you just need to input your name, email address, and your issue. A representative will contact you shortly on the email address you provided.

Cheap Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap Pills Spam and Phone Calls Policy
Cheap Pills Spam and Phone Calls Policy

Receiving spam emails and unsolicited calls can be annoying. Cheap Pills understand this hence they assure their customers that provided information such as email address and phone numbers are not kept on their website. This is to avoid collection of data that can be used for marketing purposes.


Cheap Pills honors its promise of accessible, affordable, and convenient prescription drug refill to its customers. They dispense Rx drugs without prescription with an advice that each customer must be responsible enough to talk to a doctor first before taking any medicine. For this reason plus the fact that this online pharmacy network has won the heart of their customers with their accessible, affordable, and convenient service, we are giving it a 5 out of 5 star rating.