Review – Legitimate Resource for Quality Medicines! Main Page is an online pharmacy that is serving its customers from Canada. Here is a review of its services. is situated in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada and is located conveniently near the US border. It has been running for the past 10 years. Besides the USA and Canada, it delivers to a handful of other destinations such as Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Turkey, Mauritius, etc, among a few. Furthermore, it is recognized by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) as a legitimate Canadian online pharmacy.

It has classified its medicine stock under the following broad heads: Antidepressants, Arthritis and Inflammation control medicines, Asthma management pills, Blood pressure and Cholesterol control medicines, Cancer treatment drugs, Eye Care medicines, and Men’s and Women’s Health medicines. All the medicines found here are brand RX and generics. Its brand medicines naturally hold the USA FDA status but it’s not clear what kind of endorsement the generics carry.

One common issue that Americans face is the rising prices of medicines and their inability to fill out their prescriptions on regular basis since healthcare system in Canada is relatively better and cheaper due to government’s control and regulations

I could locate erectile dysfunction medicines in the Men’s Health area and could locate brand Cialis from various manufacturing countries as well as its generic equal. You can get 8 (20 mg) tablets of Cialis (manufactured in Canada) for $225. You can also buy its generic version (also manufactured in Canada) for $139 (20 mg x 32 tablets). But if you are looking for Viagra, then 100 mg Viagra (Pfizer, Canada) would cost you $325.00 (16 pills). You can also get the Canadian generic for Sildenafil for $99 (30 pills). One can find multiple options in terms of potency and origin here. Subscriptions are needed by the pharmacy to ship all brands medicines and they can be sent by the customers to the store to the given physical address or email.

One can buy the needed medicines here through Visa, Mastercard, personal Checks and International Money orders. Canadian Pharmacy King store charges a flat $25 shipment fee for all international orders and takes 16 to 18 days to deliver the order. However, for USA-based customers, this delivery fee is $10 through regular postal service delivery. For USA-based and Canadian customers, the delivery time is much shorter that is, 8 to 12 days.

If you want to ask the pharmacy something before placing an order here, you can call within office hours on 1.877.745.9217. Or you can just send an email on [email protected] I sent Canadian Pharmacy King store an email to check the response time of its customer support department. You should also know that doesn’t accommodate any refund requests. Reviews

I was curious to find out the experience of customers buying from Canadian Pharmacy King store, so I decide to search online for reviews. Pharmacy Checker has the most comprehensive reviews related to, something which the store itself mentions on its site. The overall rating is almost between 4.5 and 5 stars, and reviews are unbiased: Customer Experience

A customer with the name 1800mike wrote on 18 January 2017, that he came to know about Canadian Pharmacy King from Pharmacy Checker and has found its products and services to be spectacularly “good”. He was able to set up an account easily, fax his prescription, and got a call from the pharmacy before his credit card was charged, and got his medicines before the estimated time. He pledges to buy from here again if need be. Likewise, another customer called Pluto wrote on 9th August 2016, about his experience of ordering from here. He placed his first order on 20th August 2016 and received the medicine on 27th August. According to him, the customer care representatives were “quite friendly and helpful” and “efficient” and so his experience of ordering from here has been “excellent”. However, a customer by the name David E. was less than impressed, in fact, he was very angry and practically cussing Canadian Pharmacy King store. He wrote on 15th, June 2016, that’s service representatives told him that he would get his order in 8 weeks but he didn’t get it even after 10 weeks passed. He didn’t hear from them at all during this time and when he called them, they offered him a reshipment that would have again taken 18 days. He wasn’t even sure that he would get a refund. Likewise, a customer with the user name mike-in-wi wrote on 2nd June 2016, that he has felt “extremely frustrated” when dealing with Canadian Pharmacy King shop. He was told that he can pay through credit cards but once he fulfilled all the formalities and order requirements, he was told that credit card purchase option was unavailable to him. Some other reviewers have mentioned that the customer care staff of Canadian Pharmacy King shop seems incompetent and that they didn’t get their product at all, while most have lauded the pharmacy shop for its prices and service quality.
In the light of the above-given reviews, one feels that enjoys a very good reputation with most of its customers. Of course, there have been few exceptional cases where the customers were left hanging high and dry by the pharmacy shop. Reviews 2016

I further decided to check out the reputation of on Scam Advisor and LegitScript:

Is a Fake Site?
Is a Fake Site?

Scam Advisor also helped me establish that is one of the few legitimate and popular online pharmacy shops that is indeed based in Canada and has lots of visitors. That’s why Scam Advisor has assigned it a high-trust ranking. Websie Summary Websie Summary

However, LegitScript’s verdict is quite the contrary. It feels that Canadian Pharmacy King shop doesn’t follow the online pharmacy’s industry protocols and thus it has been branded as a ‘rogue internet pharmacy”. I couldn’t help but feel that this verdict is a bit unfair considering the overall great status the enjoys at other independent sources. Coupon Codes

Since buying medicines isn’t easy due to the ever-increasing prices, coupon codes and promotional schemes are a big hit with customers. But doesn’t happen to offer any discount codes, bonuses, or saver offers to its new or old customers.


Finding legitimate online Canadian pharmacy is a rare, as there are so many scam and clone sites out there operating out of ungodly locations other than Canada and America. But is an exception and a rare find. It has listed all information about itself in a transparent manner. There is no fluff related to prices of products and their origin and delivery time. There are independent reviews about Canadian Pharmacy King on credible sources which highlight the positive as well as few negative aspects and service points. They are very helpful in terms of letting the future customer decide whether they want to buy from here or not. Potential customers can take a chance of placing an order here with a certain degree of confidence. I would give a 4-star ranking i.e., good and would consider as a rare and useful find in the Canadian online pharmacy range.