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There is little to hide about It is all in the name, and it is not hard for any customer to decide that this vendor offers pills for sale. There is a copyright information on the base of the website which suggests that they have been in the business since the year 2008.

However, the vendor itself puts its years of operation as an Internet pharmacy at just three years. From the domain name, itself, it is not hard to infer that this business is based in Canada.

There are many pill options on board for customers who are looking for any remedy. From the dropdown list on the side of the website, it can be seen that they offered everything from antidepressants, herbals, hormones and pills on women’s health to those for hypertension, cholesterol, weight loss and the likes.

Of this bunch, it seems that the vendor does focus on erectile dysfunction medicine, making it the bestseller of all the listed pills.

It wasn’t hard to find the ED pills on this vendor. Looking at the centerspread, I saw that the generic Viagra was listed for no more than $0.27 per pill. Slightly costlier, the Cialis priced at $0.88 still manages to be a deal offering. Even the brand options of these pills are amazingly cheap. From the prices displayed on this vendor, they both went for $1.52 and $3.72 respectively.

All of the medicine being sold on this platform has been promised to come from India. This is no surprise since they are mainly in the business of generics. The good news here is that the vendor certifies all of its pills as having been approved by the Indian FDA. For a customer who wishes to buy from the vendor, there are various comfortable modes of payment available. While they could opt to pay via credit cards, there is also the option of E-checks and bank wire transfer.

After the order has been paid for and processed, it is then sent out via either of International Unregistered Mail or Trackable Courier Service. The shipping option totally depends on what the user opts for during checkout. While there is no information on how long it would take for the package to arrive when the latter option is chosen, the time stands at 2-3 week for the former.

Unfortunately, this vendor doesn’t have a LiveChat support integrated into the website. There is, however, toll-free numbers to both the US and UK. Asides from that, they also make provisions for a generic email contact form on a page of the website.

While they don’t encourage their customers to send back the products which have been ordered, there is a refund policy in place for those who didn’t get their order. This policy also holds for customers who get damaged good upon the delivery of the package. As an alternative, such customers can have the package reshipped to them. Reviews

There is a testimonials page on, and the results from there show a vendor that knows what it is doing. Thirty-five-year-old Tiffany was happy with the ‘wide range of products at the most competitive pricing’ that the vendor was offering. This is coupled by Fabio, a 45-year-old, who was able to ‘get a cure without spending a fortune.’ Customer Experience

The last of such user comments that caught my attention was left by a 39-year-old Rachel who corroborates the first review, stating that the vendor has “Highest quality at the lowest price.” Note that all of these are dependent user reviews which could have all been manipulated to the taste of the vendor. Reviews 2016

Canadian Online Meds had an entry on both of and Scam Adviser. On the latter website, the vendor was given a low trust rating and pronounced not safe for use. This is after they have been confirmed to be from the US, even though the hosting might be from Panama. Safety Information Safety Information

Scamner has a lot of things to say, the first being the 0% trust and popularity score that the vendor managed. Buying on the website is considered unsafe since there is no SSL certificate in use. Going on, it is pronounced as not being very trustworthy here too. I think this just cuts out my job for me. Trust Rating Trust Rating Coupon Codes

On entering the domain, the first thing that caught my attention was the number of discount offers and coupon codes that this vendor had running. Of the three that caught my attention, there was one which promised sample pills on every order placed on the vendor’s website. The condition was just that the user had to order some ED pills to qualify for this package. Free Pills and Free Shipping Offer Free Pills and Free Shipping Offer

Next up is a free delivery on every order, but it is sure to attract its own terms and conditions too. Last but not least is a special time offer which promises 10% off every order. They sure know how to throw a party, that I believe.


Getting here was the heart of this review, and here we are now. looks professional enough from the build, but the first glitch came when it was time to find out the years of operation. While the vendor would claim three years in the business, the copyright information pitches them at nine years of existence. This shows all the makings of a copied, Rogue website.

I would not rate this vendor more than 2 out of 5, and I sure would be wary of buying from them.