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The actual site for isn’t working, but the buyers are being readdressed to the shop, which seems to be a sister website of this online shop. Because of this, we’re going to review Canada Drugs for, since all are being redirected to the Canada Drugs Store.

The drugstore ( is operating from Canada and it was inaugurated in the year 2001. The business was built in order to help patients get access to medications which were too expensive at that time. During the past decades, drug prices were too high due to the big pharma companies’ manipulation of the prices. But since legislation ruled in favor of the manufacturer of generic drugs, clients are given a chance to gain access to generic meds. ( sells both brand name and generic medicines (from Canada, the UK, and New Zealand) for various medical diseases. As a proof of its reliability, the store even posted its accreditations in the shop. The store is presently a member of several Canadian institutions and associations for pharmacies and pharmacists, which indicate that ( is a verified website.

Almost all the drugs you can think of are available on (, including medications for the embarrassing erectile dysfunction (ED) condition. Viagra by Pfizer, Cialis by Eli Lilly, and Levitra by Bayer are available, along with their generic options for cheaper costs. None of the products, however, are generics from India. Besides these ED products, there are thousands of medications listed in the shop, although you have to search for the ones you need as the store does not provide medical categories which you can use to simplify your search.

With regards to drug prices, ( has good deals for its authentic Viagra and Cialis medications. Though the price for Viagra and Cialis are relatively higher than most of the internet drugstores on the web, ( still sells them for cheaper prices than the brick and mortar drugstore prices. Viagra can be bought here at about $14 each, while Cialis here is set at about $21 each. The minimum order quantity for these products is 12 pieces each. In some cases, ( is able to present generic alternatives for the meds, but sometimes, the brand-name drug is all that the store has. If you think that the offers from ( for the products are still high, the shop offers a price match guarantee for its products. However, ( will only match the prices of other drugstores under several specific conditions discussed on the website.

As for the shipping charges, all items are shipped for a charge of $24 regardless of the order size or the location. However, there are certain buyers from nearby locations who are able to avail of free shipping from ( Buyers can have their refunds when they return their meds within a 90-day period, but the refunds will depend on the number of the products the buyers are able to send back. Sadly, there is no mention of refunds and reshipments for orders which were lost during transit.

If you want to order, ( is accepting orders paid using credit cards and you can ask the store representatives which bank cards are accepted at the store. ( has an online chat facility, but the shop had no available customer support representatives during my visit. I think you can use the numbers posted on the shop and its email support option instead of the live chat. Reviews

Buyer reviews are available to confirm Canada Drugs reputation (although none were available for However, buyer reviews for Canada Drugs were not too pleasing, even if the store was notably impressive. Customer Experience

One of the irate clients reviewing ( gave the shop only 1 out of 5 and gave his comment a title of “Ridiculous Rip Off”. Based on what was indicated on Gfushianes’ review (posted December 2016), the client ordered from Canada Drugs and was sent nothing in return. The store gave him lies and gave him false hopes for a refund. According to the buyer, when the time came for him to file a chargeback for his payments, the shop claimed that it sent the buyer’s package and that he received it, although it was not true.

However, not all the buyer comments for ( were all negative. As we can see in the next section, more recent reviews for the shop (2017) were actually positive and encouraging to read. 2017 Reviews

Looking at the same platform,, we can see that the current reviews for ( were positive and were 5 out of 5 stars. Here is one example of the positive comment for ( on the same third party review website: Customer Experience in 2016 Customer Experience in 2016

It was no secret that the shop did have its share of bad reviews from buyers, but one of the latest reviews for the store was 4 stars out of 5 rating. According to the buyer, Inayatshabbir, he was concerned about the status of the store after reading the negative comments intended for the website. But he was surprised that he received his order despite the bad reputation of the shop. His order only took a week to complete and he was happy. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Besides the good reviews for ( from, the Scam Adviser review for the shop also indicated a good rating (66/100). Unlike for the other shops, ( was only detected to have a “small chance of risk”. Coupon Codes

Instead of voucher codes, ( offers an incentive program for its buyers: Referral Bonuses Referral Bonuses

Buyers are given 5% of the friends’ purchases as an incentive for their referrals. Another 2.5% is also credited to the buyers for the purchases of their friends of friends referred to the website. The good thing about this referrals program from ( is that the points can be encashed via e-cheque or may be used as currency for their next purchase.


Although ( had negative previous reviews, its good 2017 reputation is a good indication of its service improvement. Because of this matter, we can award the store with 3 points out of 5. However, you should take precaution when transacting with this store, as the old comments should not be ignored as well.