Review – Virtual Pharmacy with Good Prices and a Solid Reputation Main PageIf you are looking for generic medications which are cheap and (knowing products from Canada are the cheaper alternatives to the brand-name meds) searched the internet, you may have encountered like I did. According to what is overtly seen on, it is a store with offers of cheap generic products for its buyers. Although has both brand and generic items, it appears to market its generic products more due to their cheap price. Both the brand and generic items of came from drug-regulation approved companies, so buyers are sure to buy quality and effectual items from the store.

Buyers would probably love this— does not ask its clients for prescriptions even for the Rx drugs. However, the store only does so under the supposition that buyers are actually prescribed the drug and does not claim responsibility concerning the outcome of their non-Rx policy. does not offer medical advice or guidance concerning the meds dispensation, although it is offering basic knowledge about the drugs it offers. It is still good for buyers to conduct research or get actually tested by licensed doctors so that there will be no complications during their drug intake.

Almost all kinds of medicines are available on (you can find almost anything on this shop from simple antihistamine to drugs for erectile dysfunction/ED) and the items are affordably-priced due to their generic nature. Brand-name products are also available in the store, but they are also affordable. Products are with the FDA seal, at least by India FDA or other local FDAs. This means that if you’re looking for impotence medicines, you won’t need to hesitate to procure your meds on this store as the products on are benign to use. There are ED meds available in this shop and they are economical. For instance, you can have the generic Sildenafil or generic Viagra for a cost as low as $1.22 per pill for the hundred mg, while the usual 20 mg generic Tadalafil or generic Cialis is sold on for $1.49 per pill. For payments, you can pay for the drugs you’ve ordered using your VISA card or your MasterCard, as the credit card payment method is the only acceptable mode of payment on

The default shipping method on is the Airmail delivery method which costs 10 dollars but is constant regardless of order size or destination. For buyers with missing or damaged orders, they are advised to contact customer support for their refund processing or their replacement packages. Although does not have its dedicated live chat option, buyers can still contact the store using its numbers and by e-mailing the shop electronically. Reviews

Reviews for the shop Canada Pharmacy 24h reflect the good service of the shop. Here are some of the buyer testimonials directed at the store, from years before: Reviews Reviews

Most of the customer testimonials for Canada Pharmacy 24h were actually for its products. According to Joseph, one of the shop’s clients who purchased Propecia from the store, the drug was successful in helping him regrow his hair and improve his self-esteem. All in all, Joseph thought the shop delivered excellent service and excellent treatments.

Gabriel, from Sweden, also appreciated Propecia he got from Canada Pharmacy 24h and stated that he was glad that he sources his meds from the store since Canada Pharmacy 24 is able to deliver the drug to his doorsteps. Reviews 2017

I thought that Canada Pharmacy 24h wouldn’t have had comments for the present year, but apparently, the company had reviews available for its products and its service. Here are some of the product-related comments for the shop: Reviews 2017 Reviews 2017

Aiden thought that the pill he bought from Canada Pharmacy 24h was awesome—he appreciated the drug’s effect and according to him, one pill lasted him 2 to 3 days. Coupon Codes

Buyers are benefitted by not due to its coupon codes, but because of its several offers. There was no dedicated section for its promotions, but got a screenshot of my checkout and highlighted points worth noting: 10% Discount Offer 10% Discount Offer

As you can see, is offering free pills with every order, regardless of the order amount (I ordered a minimum quantity for Viagra). Buyers with more than $200 worth of orders, however, are getting an additional 10% discount for their orders; but on top of all of the freebies and discounts for buyers with $200+ orders, also offers them free Airmail shipping for maximum savings.


I think the fact that had many customer reviews is good, and the reviews being positive is great for the shop. The store Canada Pharmacy 24h is affordable and showcase excellent comments from its buyers.

Besides the great comments about this store, I also liked that the shop was conscious about giving its consumers bargain deals to help them save. Apart from this, the store also offered freebie pills in every order, something I was not able to see in some of the shops I’ve browsed. Given the shop’s good points, I am giving the store an excellent grade of 5 out of 5.