Review – Drugstore with an Unsure Online Rep

The web store has loads of products which you can choose from. Being an online drugstore, it is capable of bringing medicines which are hard-to-find to buyers even in the comfort of their homes. is a popular drugstore, as it was visited by hundreds of thousands of clients to date, which may indicate a good service from the store’s end. However, we can’t really tell how long had been in the business, as this info is not indicated on the store’s information section.

As one of the “Canada” online drugstores, is known to operate from the country and is also affiliated with numerous pharmacy associations in Canada. Besides being a member of the prestigious organizations in the country, the store is also a pharmacy ascertained safe to use by even PharmacyChecker. is linked with a large-scale operating ground pharmacy dispensary in Canada (Candrug), while it is also affiliated with a vast network of local pharmacies all around the globe (in Turkey, the United Kingdom, Turkey, New Zealand, and other countries).

It is common for online drugstores such as to offer medications intended for erectile dysfunction (ED) as most of the patients are those who are seeking cheaper alternatives for the high prices of the brand-name Viagra drug from Pfizer. Apart from treatments for impotence of the PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type-5) inhibitor drug kind such as Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil HCl, has also stocks for almost innumerable diseases which include drugs such as (but not limited to) cholesterol management treatments, hypertension medications, women’s health meds, cancer medication, diabetes care, and a whole spectrum of others. However, focused its discount offers on products for impotence treatment (for generic and brand name Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra). Cheap prices are all over the store, but buyers should not worry about the quality of the products they’re getting, as all the products on are sourced from FDA accredited vendors (the drugs themselves have FDA approvals). isn’t like the other online drugstores dispensing the meds at their customers’ whims. asks for the buyer prescriptions for all of its Rx medications, in compliance with international drug regulations. Patients with Rx drug orders are required to forward their prescriptions through facsimile, email, or even snail mail, as will only fill prescriptions with the proper documents. If you have orders for Cialis (Tadalafil), you can have the drug for a minimum spend of $135 for a 28-day supply of the 5 mg Cialis from Lilly (Turkey). However, if you are a classic Viagra person, you can have the authentic drug for as low as $175 for 16 pills of the 100 mg Pfizer-made product (Pfizer Turkey).

However, though credit cards have been the common payment staple on most of the online selling platforms, you can’t use your credit or debit cards on, probably because the store’s averting large processing fees. You can pay with international money orders and personal checks instead, which are not so convenient, but a lot safer to use than credit cards. Regarding the dispatch of products, requires a ten dollar (USD) fee on all outgoing parcels. This is the regular shipment within the Canadian border, but the store asks for $25 for buyers with international orders.

Buyer returns are not allowed in obedience to the standard practices for pharmaceutical dispensaries. There was no specific statement concerning the action of during losses, but the store states that it will “accept full responsibility” for the damages incurred during delivery. For more questions, you can ask using its phone lines and its email service, but the store does not have a live option for inquiries, although the call option is more than helpful. Reviews, a well-known review platform, was able to feature a single review from a satisfied customer. Overall, was rated “great” by Trust Pilot based on the average of the available reviews for the drugstore. Customer Score Customer Score

The buyer’s post was done on March 27 in 2012, which we can say was a long time. The rating was a positive one and about a buyer’s successful transaction with The image below was the actual buyer comment for Customer Experience Customer Experience

Based on this evaluation, the buyer, “Albert Schoeffer” mentioned that he had “nothing to complain about” concerning and its service. According to Albert, the drug he bought from the e-store was “so cheap” and he appreciated the fact that the product did not disappoint.

This review gave a good point for but the store still needs more concrete feedbacks to establish this one good item. Reviews 2016

Searching the web, reviews for seemed quite elusive. Although this good review is trustworthy, the fact that it is old makes it passé. New reviews are needed for the proper evaluation of the product. However, there are no existing user comments for from the more recent years, only these evaluation results from several online platforms: Summary Information Summary Information Safety Rating Safety Rating

Because detected that did not have its own SSL certificate, was only rendered a 12% safety rating. This website also detected several reports of “scams” pertaining to, although we haven’t seen a concrete complaint yet. On the other side of things, has not yet been reported as an “unsafe” store, so we are still in the middle ground for Trust Rating Trust Rating

According to Scam Adviser, is rather popular and was identified to have “lots of visitors” to its pages. However, Scam Adviser included in its list of online pharmacies to watch out for, due to complaints detected for The shop was conferred with an overall 51% safety rating. Coupon Codes Referral Program Referral Program

Referral rewards are available on, but coupon codes are not. is kind enough to offer 25 dollars’ worth of interest for every buyer you refer to the store.

The condition is a successful purchase from the buyer you referred to. Every new buyer with a successful purchase equates to a $25 addition to your account which you can use to purchase more items from in the future.

Conclusion is a pharmacy offering a wide range of options when it comes to medicines. It is unlike other shops which do not ask for prescriptions; requires all buyers to comply with its prescription policy, or their orders will get canceled.

I am on the middle ground when it comes to’s status. I like the fact that it had a review from Trust Pilot, although I now doubt the relevance of the single review since it is from years back. However, since there are no concrete complaints about the store, we can rate it with 2 out of 5. You can try the store, but please exercise caution, as there is not much information for its service coming from its previous buyers.