Review – Closed Site which Scammed Clients

The store used to be an online shop for various products from acne to women’s health categories (and a lot more categories in between). The shop started in 2007 but today remains a ghost site without any products in it. Although the shop still stands and is without any notice of seizure or suspension from federal bureaus, can be considered as closed. now is a far cry from what its site used to be. used to be a store teeming with products from generic and brand-name sources and is a known source of erectile dysfunction products for male clients. Before, buyers can have as many products as they want from, although its prices were not as cheap as the other online pharmacies. Apart from its numerous stocks for generic (local FDA approved) medications, is also known for its lowest price guarantee, as is able to match lower prices of the other online shops, even by 10%. Besides this price match/price beat by, the shop also previously offered free shipping for all its products worldwide. No wonder there were a lot of buyers trying out the store in the past.

Unfortunately, today, is empty and there’s nothing left to buy or even see in the shop. All the store information was gone and apart from the remaining description for generic drugs, there wasn’t anything else on the store. As much as we want to relay information concerning the store, we can’t as the shop does not have any more information in it. There was no formal statement from the operators of or any news regarding its disappearance, suspension, closure, or whatever you may call it, so we are not actually able to disclose the real deal behind However, was able to leave a trail of bad reviews from several third-party websites, which may indicate that the last years of operations were associated with claims of fraud and various complaints. Reviews was linked to a website, full of complaints from clients who posted from one forum website, (just the name of the website gives us an overview of what to expect from the comments): Testimonials

One of the complainants on the review website related how at first he was able to satisfactorily receive his package from According to this buyer, his first two orders were successful, but the buyer complained of being sent spam emails to the store. Feedback

Another of the negative posts on this website for was about the buyer with his order undelivered. According to the unnamed commenter, did not process his refund and during the date of his review, he’s been waiting for the refund for already 5 months. We can surely say he was scammed by the store. 2017 Reviews

Since receded from operations around 2013-2016, there were no recent reviews for the shop. The most recent of the complaints about was dated 2014, which may have indicated the last leg of bad reports for the website. Good reviews for the shop were hard to find and they may have been overshadowed by the scam reports for the store. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scam Adviser’s check for the shop indicated that is not to be trusted. was given a rating of 0% out of the possible 100 score, a score which is low, but not really surprising. Considering the number of complaints about the shop, it is not impossible to detect negative reports for and therefore the low rating. The store was detected in China and also awarded with the worst title (“rogue”) due to the undesirable reports related to the store’s name and also due to the detected anomalies by Scam Adviser for Coupon Codes used to have discount offers for its buyers. As we were able to mention earlier, was able to offer price match (the store will beat the other stores’ prices by 10%) and other discounts. Discount Offers Discount Offers

Based on this internet archive information for, the store is also able to offer another 10% discount (besides the free shipping and the price-beat guarantee) on reorders by loyal clients. However, since is not functional anymore, we have no use for these buyer offers anymore.


Buyers were not happy about the performance of The shop is closed by the store’s integrity is still haunted by the buyers’ previous ugly comments concerning the performance of There was no notice on the closure of this shop, but it is evident that is not selling medicines anymore due to the null content of its website. Since this is the case and since this domain has already had its share of negative feedback, is a site deserving of a 1 out of 5 rating.