Review – Non-Reviewed Online Store Main Page was an online store with a focus on selling generic products for its buyers. Best Rx Generics started in 2005 (it was the earliest date found in the archives for this shop) but it closed due to unknown reasons during 2016. The shop has its products revolving around the common categories of antibiotics, antidepressants, impotence medications (and other men’s sexual health medications), meds for ADHD, and others. As we can see from the retrieved photo for Bestrxgenerics the products of the shop were mostly generic treatments, which meant that buyers were able to secure their meds from Best Rx Generics at a lower price (although today it’s hard to tell, as the shop is non-functional and its products are inaccessible).

Because the only available reference for Best Rx Generics was the archived information, it is difficult to gather information for its products. The generic Viagra product and all the other products on Bestrxgenerics store are inaccessible, so we have no idea how low were the products sold on Best Rx Generics. However, we can always assume that generic meds were sold at a lower price than the brand-name medications.

According to the available information for Best Rx Generics vendor, the store products available on the shop were shipped for free, although we can’t be too sure about this. We tried looking for user comments or buyer testimonials for Best Rx Generics but there were none available for the shop, which made it harder to evaluate Best Rx Generics. However, there were existing blog reviews for Best Rx Generics, though these evaluators were not able to buy products from the drugstore. One blogger review for Best Rx Generics rated it 2 out of 5 due to its “lack of customer feedback”. Since the shop is already closed, we can say that Best Rx Generics is not at all reliable, as it just vanished without a trace. There were no pieces of info for the e-store’s sudden disappearance. Reviews

There are several online drugstores which were able to leave buyer comment trails for their service. However, Best Rx Generics was not like them—this shop did not have buyer testimonials from clients who were able to try out the shop’s service.

Even if Best Rx Generics is dead the store could have had user comments from various platforms. However, there seemed to be no clients able to try out the website. The only reviews accessible for Best Rx Generics were the blogger reviews we’ve described in the earlier section. Those blogger comments for Best Rx Generics were also not good, as the individuals conducting the reviews for this e-vendor were also not satisfied with the shop’s lack of online references. Reviews 2016

As for 2016 reviews for this online store, the shop still had none. Buyers were still unable to give Best Rx Generics their feedbacks for some reason. The shop, though, can still be searched in database. Here is the result of our recent search for Best Rx Generics on Trust Rating Trust Rating

It is surprising that Best Rx Generics garnered 98% out of 100% based on the analysis by Scam Adviser. However, Best Rx Generics was noted as a rarely visited online shop, but also not identified as a closed or offline drugstore. The actual Best Rx Generics site is still nonexistent, though, so this result from Scam Adviser is really baffling. Website Summary Website Summary, on the other hand, conferred an “unapproved” website rating on Best Rx Generics. According to the online result, Best Rx Generics had no buyer reviews and that it did not meet the standards used by Legit Script in its assessment for benign online websites.

Honestly, though, we weren’t expecting good reviews for Best Rx Generics since the shop was already closed. The result from Scam Adviser came as a surprise, though, but the Legit Script unapproved status was sort of expected for this online store. Coupon Codes

Since Best Rx Generics is now offline, no one can technically use coupon or voucher codes on this online shop. Best Rx Generics, though, previously offered discounts to its clients, although not one buyer testimonial was able to attest to the generosity of the store in terms of buyer discounts.


Because there were no available buyer testimonials for Best Rx Generics from the past, we can’t say whether the shop gave good customer service or at least was able to deliver every order placed on its domain. Since Best Rx Generics is currently offline, we won’t be recommending the use of this store anytime. The rating for is 1 out of 5.