Review: How to Find a Replacement Since This Vendor Is Closed? Main PageMany people relied on to obtain legal and safe smart drugs, or Nootropics, to improve their mental functions such as memory. Moreover, also offered products to treat sexual impotence. In its days of existence, was attractive and loved by many and, sadly, is gone. The website no longer exists and its domain cannot be scanned anymore.

Online pharmacies that offer reliable medication at rock-bottom prices, such as, are considered to be a serious competition to the giants of the generics monopoly. These leading pharmaceuticals don’t want to lose clients to cheaper and more affordable stores, so they put small stores out of business or shut down their websites. Nothing in concrete is mentioned about, but it won’t be a surprise if a legal action or a threat was taken against the Reviews was considered to a decent US-based pharmacy who offered brand name nootropics according to some customers. Many people took into consideration when trying to purchase such products, even though the products were the Russian Pharma version of the meds. The pharmacy could ship their products to different destinations worldwide from the USA. All across the internet, many consumers were very satisfied with, specifically with the fast shipping and delivery, and good customer service. was trusted for its high-quality products and accepted different payment methods including PayPal. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scam Adviser confirms the previous location of the website and affirms the evident popularity of Once again, the website had a lot of visitors and it used to be the go-to pharmacy for many people in need of medicines to improve their mental function. Scam Adviser considered the website to be safe. Despite many positive feedbacks from previous clients in public forum websites like Reddit, the opinion of different bloggers is divergent, advising future costumers to proceed with caution. Bloggers suspected the website was unreliable and untrustworthy, recommending future clients to keep off from the site and buy medications elsewhere. The bloggers concluded this because is listed as illegitimate by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies. Alternatives

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