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Online pharmacies such as are recently famous for being able to stock medicines for various purposes and for enabling quick, hassle-free access for buyers and their medications. has a lot of medications on the shop, including medications for arthritis, cholesterol, GI, pain, gums, smoking cessation, general health, and even drugs for erectile dysfunction. The medicines of Atlantic Drugs are classified as generic versions of useful brand name medicines and are less costly than the brand name medications. features generic Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) and other generic erectile dysfunction medications. showcases lowest prices for the products such as generic Viagra (100 mg costs as low as $0.64) and generic Cialis (20 mg costs as low as $1.10). Although these erectile dysfunction drugs should be dispensed with the appropriate prescriptions, allows these drugs’ dispensation without any Rx, which makes it easy for the buyers to avail of these hard-to-get drugs. This no-Rx policy does not only apply to impotence meds; the buyers can also avail of any Rx meds from the shop without sending the proper prescriptions. This is because there are no scheduled substances in Atlantic Drugs shop.

Only FDA approved medications are sold on Atlantic Drugs, which are mostly from Indian manufacturers. Buyers can find familiar names in Atlantic Drugs Store which are from the Indian pharmaceutical industry. This is a way of saying that sells medications which are both effective and safe to use. provides a section for all frequently asked questions, so that qualms concerning the reliability of the drugs may be addressed.

Shipping costs charged by is $14.95 for the registered mail option and $29.95 for the express shipment option. Express shipping takes as long as ten days, while the regular mail option takes a few weeks (3-4 weeks, more or less). In case you received damaged orders or your orders did not totally arrive, you can file for the return of your money or you can also request for the reshipment of your parcel. If you received the wrong order, it is best to contact support, as the store does not allow product returns (as per international law). On the issue of payments, you can pay via various credit card payment channels such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, JCB, and Diner’s Club.

The “Contact Us” page of only has an email box which buyers can use for their drug inquiries. However, if clients prefer calls, also has an operating phone number (1 877 217 0116, Toll-free) which buyers can use for their inquiries and other concerns. Reviews Customers Rating Customers Rating

Based on the data on Atlantic Drugs info, most of its products were rated 5 out of 5 stars by the respective buyers. This 5-star summary is found for Kamagra products on Atlantic Drugs.

However, there are not many details to expound on concerning this 5-star rating awarded to, so I tried looking for other buyer reviews present on the website. Customer Review Customer Review

This review from Steve (from New York) is one of the few testimonials posted for the products on Based on his statement, he was a regular buyer of the e-store and he’s just recently received one of his orders from the store. Steve then elaborated how well his Cialis order worked for him (it even lasted for 48 hours). The bulk of Steve’s review was for the product and not really for, but overall, as we can infer from his testimonial, he’s quite content with his purchase from the store.

I tried locating independent site-based client comments for this e-shop, but I found none. Third-party comments would have been increasingly helpful references for actual buyer experiences than these store-based comments. Reviews 2017

One of the routine checks I’ve learned to implement in my reviews is the Scam Adviser check. Although the site is only an algorithm and has no social interpretation function, the result of the reports from this website are still somehow helpful in cases of websites with no reviews from external sources, such as Trust Rating Trust Rating

The rating for from Scam Adviser’s evaluation was only 36 out of 100, which does not actually mean good. The store was branded as threat listed by Scam Adviser, due to the current “rogue website” listing determined for The store was also identified as linked with several malware reports from users on the internet. Coupon Codes

Currently, is offering a 5% discount coupon code for its buyers. Clients are given the code 98212 which they can enter during checkout for them to be able to avail an extra 5% off their purchases. Coupon Code Coupon Code

Besides this unconditional discount offer, is also offering free shipping for all its buyers with purchases more than $130 in one transaction. provides free airmail shipping for buyers who are able to satisfy this condition. Free Shipping Free Shipping

Depending on the product purchased, is also sending free pills along with the original orders. In this checkout image, we can see that is giving additional ten pills of Viagra pills for orders of 30 Tadalafil pills (40 mg).


One of the best things of is its 5% discount on all orders via a special coupon code provided on the store. It is uncommon for web stores to offer coupon discounts, so offering an unconditional 5% discount is rare. On top of this discount, buyers are entitled to free shipping and free pills on orders above the $130 mark.

There were good reviews of AtlanticDrugs on its website, but we can’t rely on them 100%. Because of that, we can only bestow a 2-stars out of 5 rating for But, if you want to try out the store due to its good prices, go ahead, and kindly share your experience in the comments section below.