4rx.com Review – Scammed Buyers Before Finally Closing Down

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4rx.com was an established entity when it came to website drug vending. However, the store closed in 2014 following a slew of bad comments and reports of the store’s underperformance. Previously, 4Rx e-store was known to supply cheap medicines (mostly generic alternatives to big pharmaceutical brand names). The shop sells mostly India-made generics to its buyers and based on the internet trail the store left behind, previous buyers were mostly satisfied with their purchases from the store.

4Rx e-store ran for almost a decade before closing down and moving to another domain. The shop was inducted 2006 and went on to serve its buyers for several years. There was no specific location as to where the shop did its business from, but since the company vends mostly Indian medicines, we can assume that the store sourced the products from India. Before closing, 4Rx e-store stocked medicines relevant to cases such as bacterial infections, skin care, allergies, erectile dysfunction, asthma, and other medical conditions. 4rx was famous for being able to supply various meds to its buyers without even asking for prescriptions, making it super easy for buyers to get their medications from 4Rx e-store.

Because 4rx.com is shut down and inaccessible, we can’t get into the specifics of the store’s operations. But based on the internet reviews, we can say that for a time, buyers were able to enjoy good service from the shop. Voucher codes were also available then and buyers were also able to relish great and cheap deals especially for drugs meant for erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, as the days went by, buyer reviews from internet archives indicated that 4Rx e-store’s service went from good to bad as suddenly, buyers weren’t able to receive their orders from 4Rx e-store or when buyers were able to receive their items, they complained about the products being counterfeit.

4rx.com Reviews

Actually, there weren’t any more reviews available on the internet for 4Rx shop as the main forum site carrying most of its product reviews is offline too. But, due to the help of an internet archive, we were able to source some of the reviews relevant to our evaluation of 4rx vendor.

4rx.com Reviews

Early 2014 reviews pertaining to 4rx were positively geared towards the website. Buyers such as “amakaris” gave 4Rx e-store an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars on the then online Pharmacyreviewer.com and the buyer mentioned how 4rx was able to forward her orders in a swift manner. According to the buyer, his friend was able to receive the products from 4Rx e-store in just a week. The prices from the store were awesome too, as the user and his friend were able to avail of “huge” discounts from 4rx.com.

4rx.com Testimonial

But, during late 2014 (October), buyer reviews started to turn sour due as buyers started complaining about orders not arriving and receiving products which appear to be fake medications. Due to the buyer complaints, the staff of Pharmacyreviewer.com changed their rating for the web store. 4Rx e-store was previously one of their highly recommended online shops, but the admin of this forum site changed the rating to an overall of 3.7 out of 5 stars, with the lowest rating for its ease of website use and range. According to Pharmacyreviewer.com, the shop redirected its buyers to Aclepsa.com. However, today, Aclepsa.com isn’t functional anymore.

4rx.com Feedback

Besides the unpleasant comments for 4Rx shop in Pharmacyreviewer.com, the shop also gained bad feedback from buyers on Complaintsboard.com. The comment above is only one of the examples of the negative reviews for the store. This particular buyer, Alex, mentioned that he got crushed tablets which “smelled weird” and did not have any manufacturer label on the product.

These buyer comments for 4Rx shop were only examples from the many the store had from the past few years. Although 4Rx e-store started quite well, the shop ended up scamming customers and giving them fake medications instead of the good quality meds they previously delivered their buyers.

4rx.com 2017 Reviews

Because 4rx.com closed down during 2014, there weren’t any buyer reviews existing for 4rx for the current year. However, Scamadviser.com still has a record of the online store although the shop was indicated as “offline”.

4rx.com Trust Rating
4rx.com Trust Rating

Due to the offline status of 4Rx e-store, Scam Adviser rated the shop 0/100 and gave it a high-risk rating. Buyers cannot buy from the store anymore due to its closed status, but Scam Adviser still encourages buyers to keep away from the shop.

4rx.com Coupon Codes

4Rx e-store did not have coupon codes for its buyers, but the shop seemed to run a few discount offers for its clients. Buyers were able to avail of 5-30% discounts or free pills depending on their order amounts. But, since the store is non-existent, buyers are not able to avail of any discount promotion from the store or even on Aclepsa.com.


The store 4rx.com was a store popular during its time. The shop was able to offer great deals for its medications, especially for its erectile dysfunction meds and other generic products. Buyer reviews attest to the good service of 4Rx e-store from the previous years, but during 2014, the shop started giving bad service to its clients. The store eventually closed down during the late 2014 and was never heard of since its new domain, Aclepsa.com closed down. We’re giving 4rx.com 1 star out of 5 since it’s no longer functional.