24med.net Review – Average Internet Pharmacy with The Right Vibes

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24med.net is one of those pharmacies which belongs to the online league of internet pharmacies from Canada. It is not hard work to find out from the domain that this business has been in operation for more than a decade now. As earlier stated, these illustrious ten years and more has been served out of Canada.

The product list on display sure shows a business that has been involved for a while. The catalog on display offers that the website sells pills for various medical conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction, Allergies, Asthma, Heart Diseases, Pain Relief and Parkinson’s disease, to mention but a few. All of these can be gotten in either the generic or brand variants of the pills, keeping the internet vendor well rounded in its business.

Looking around, the average cost of a Viagra pill is $1.10. This price is for the 50 mg option of the generic drug. Even if it’s not the best bargain on the market, it is way cheaper than what the same pill would be obtained for from both local pharma and the big pharma.

Across Cialis and Levitra, the buyer would have to pay $1.32 and $2.20. An advantage in the purchase is that each pill page comes with supposed dosage, advantages, methods of use and possible side effects. All a user needs to know about what they are using.

All the pills being sold on this platform are shipped out of India, unsurprisingly. This means that the Indian FDA has the authority over the pills, and according to 24Med, all of the pills have passed through this certification body. There is quite the option available for payment plans.

While a customer could pay with their credit card, there is also the possibility of making said payments with e-checks and bank wire transfer. Asides these, alternative methods such as PayPal and the Western Union are not in favor.

There is no live chat support on the website, so there is no use trying. Customers can get in touch with the care agents via either of the generic email form available, or the toll-free numbers provided. Incidentally, the only refund policy addressed is one which involves a buyer not getting their package or getting damaged goods instead. In that case, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the order amount if they would not want another order sent out to them instead.

24med.net Reviews

The testimonials page of 24md.net shows customers that are happy with the service they have received. Speaking of ‘how convenient and cheap [ordering from online pharmacies such as 24med.net] can be,” Troy M. Shaw is one customer who was referred by a friend and enjoys the service.

24med.net Reviews

On the same side of the page is a Roy I. Brooks who not only lauded the shipping plans on the vendor’s website, but is equally appreciative of the handling and delivery of the order he placed.

These reviews would have been taken as gold, but for the fact that they were found on the website and could have been easily manipulated by the vendor itself.

24med.net Reviews 2016

Going to independent review websites didn’t do 24meds.net a lot of good.

24med.net Safety Level
24med.net Safety Level

Opening the floor was Scamner.com with a 4% overall rating on trust and popularity. Even though the website has been online for more than three years, not owning an SSL certificate and not being totally professional keeps the website in bad books.

24med.net is a Rogue Pharmacy
24med.net is a Rogue Pharmacy

Next up is LegitScript.com which determines that the online vendor has not adhered to all safe practices expected of an internet pharmacy. For that, 24 Meds was awarded a “proud” status of a Rogue vendor.

24med.net Coupon Codes

The widely-advertised coupon code/ discount offer on the platform is one which can be best enjoyed by those who have an account with the vendor. It is promised that the customer can get a big discount on each order after the first.

24med.net Discount Offer
24med.net Discount Offer

It gets better in the sense that the discount on each purchase would increase for as much time as the said customer comes back to order.


From the start of the review, there was a little reason there to contest the credibility of this internet pharmacy. Having been online for more than a decade now, the vendor has no doubt laid down a track record for itself. It can be excused that the vendor has something of a poor run on both Scamner and LegitScript. The problem is however compounded by the absence of independent customer reviews which would have better informed an opinion of its services.

All said and done, 24meds.net deserves a rating of 3 out of 5, and I might look to start a small business with them to see for myself what is going on behind the scenes.